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Shreeja Pathak – Artist Spotlight

November 11,2020
Artist Spotlight, Kids Education, Online Art Classes

Artist Spotlight blog series brings to you the amazing students at Nimmy’s Art and showcases their work, their love for art, and their journey till now. So get ready to be amazed!

Shreeja Pathak – ‘Little Artist’

Meet our 5 year old artist, Shreeja Pathak, from Brunswick, Maryland.

With a bubbly smile and an amazing love for art, Shreeja has been drawing from a very young age of 2 years. As a toddler, her favorite pass time was coloring while listening to the rainbow song. Needless to say, she uses vibrant colors in her art and it is very captivating.

So we had to ask.

What’s your favorite color?

She took a moment and gave us a smile as she said, “Pink and Purple!”

Shreeja joined Nimmy’s Art about 3 months back and she has learned many art techniques during the trimester course. She has been applying these techniques from the classes to her paintings.

After working on four different mediums in the trimester course, we were curious to know.

Do you have a favorite medium?

She gave us another of her captivating smiles, and said she absolutely loves using watercolor and Prismacolors.

Shreeja’s favorite medium – Watercolors

Shreeja had not attended art courses before and her parents wanted to ensure that their daughter got the best art lessons. We are happy, and grateful, that they found Nimmy’s art works impressive, and chose to enroll Shreeja in the Little Artist Trimester course.

So, which class at Nimmy’s Art did you enjoy the most?

Shreeja has always been in love with colors and loves every art work that is colorful. So choosing one was tough for her.

After a lot of deliberation, she chose the Macaw bird using oil pastels as one of her favorites!

The Colorful Macaw

Shreeja looks forward to the online art classes every week. She was enthusiastic about participating at the Halloween Art Contest by Nimmy’s Art, and created this beautiful artwork.

Shreeja’s parents are very appreciative of her interest in art and are happy with the progress that she has made in the short span.

During her classes, Shreeja follows the art lessons very carefully, and on other days, she practices and perfects the techniques.

The color-loving Little Artist that she is, we asked her for a tip to learn art.

Shreeja’s Art Tip! – “Practice, Practice, Practice.”

And guess what – we absolutely agree!!

Stay tuned for our next artist spotlight.


Nimmy Melvin, the award-winning visual artist, envisions nature, the surroundings, and every object around through a different perspective. An expert in the usage of different mediums of painting, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolor, and oil pastels, she has the knack to inculcate knowledge in kids.

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